Manhattan Man Favors Removal of Obama From Ballot

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – Kansas officials want more information before deciding whether to remove President Barack Obama from the state’s November ballot.

The State Objections Board heard arguments Thursday on a claim from a Manhattan, Kan., resident that Obama is not eligible to be president because his father was from Kenya. The resident, Joe Montgomery, also questions whether Obama has a valid birth certificate.

The president released a copy of his long-form birth certificate last year, and Hawaii officials have verified his citizenship repeatedly.

But the Kansas board – made up of the secretary of state, attorney general and lieutenant governor – said Thursday it wants certified documents from Hawaii and two other states where similar questions about Obama’s citizenship have been raised.

The board plans to meet again Monday and may rule then.

  • Slorainew

    So…Since we all know the i.d. thing won’t work here in Kansas, we are now weighing the option of not even putting him on the ballot? Go ahead. We will write his name in.

    • Kansas

      Yes, by all means feel free to write in whom ever you like.

  • john

    You know what…these people are ignorant!!! Makes me ashamed to tell people I am from Kansas. Obviously these jerk offs are afraid that if Obama’s name is on the ballot in Kansas that he WILL win!!! Get over yourselves and crawl back in your hole!!!
    How many times does Mr. Obama have to proof his citizenship to you morons???!!!

    • Dan

      you are an IDIOT if you think the foreign exchange person we have occupying the White House will win in Kansas….

      • john

        I guess time will tell now won’t it. I’ll come back here and laugh at you when Mr. Obama remains in the white house. Oh…and…by the way…don’t ever call me an idiot again.
        No need for hatred just because you are uptight!!

  • Joe

    People like this are what’s wrong with government. The state of Hawaii has said he has a valid birth certificate. He’s preduced the proper documents verifying he’s a US citizen. What more do they want? Now we are trying to get him removed from the ballot for reasons that have already been disproven? I think the real reason for this action is because the republicans have a weak candidate with no answers to our problems other than “we will fix everything because we are so smart”.