Spring Election Results


Geary County

Junction City Commission
(Top 3 Elected)

Larry Powell 198
Lawrence Ruiz 170
Bob Henderson 628
Mick McCallister 888 (Elected)
James Sands 660 (Elected)
Michael Ryan 980 (Elected)

Geary USD 475 Board of Education
(Top 3 Elected)

Michelle Custer 831  
Brian Field 1,037 (Elected)
Carolyn Gaston 960 (Elected)
Gerald Gerloff 414
LaDonna Junghans 904 (Elected)
James Kelly 586

Unexpired Term

Kimberly Milleson 1,193 

Grandview Plaza 

Rick Geike 54 (Elected)
Kenneth Hall 44

Grandview Plaza City Council
(Top 2 Elected)

Banker Dushyant 19
Marvin Edison 50 (Elected)
Leonard Hume Jr. 25
Jerry Nellis 39
Jack Rider 43 (Elected)


Brad Roether 55 (Elected)
Jim Talley 26

Riley County

Manhattan City Commission
(Top 3 Elected)

John Ball 2,130
Rich Jankovich 2,701 (Elected) 
Daniel Hogan 719 
Usha Reddi 2,783 (Elected)
Karen McCulloh 3,024 (Elected)
Debbie Nuss 2,324
Bob Strawn 2,182

USD 383 Board of Education
(Top 3 Elected)

Mitch Beims 2,732
Marcia Rozell 4,024 (Elected)
Pat Hudgins 3,668 (Elected)
Aaron Estabrook 3,245 (Elected)

Ogden City Council
(Top 5 Elected)

Ed Burch 186 (Elected)
Brian Still 116 (Elected)
Paul Werle 112 (Elected)
Kenneth Carroll 137 (Elected)
Ward Nations 132 (Elected)
Jimmy Bond 70
Roger Graham 106

Ogden Mayor

Jimmy Bond 58
Robert Pence 161 
Morris County

Council Grove Mayor

Cynthia Engle 216
Steve Shepard 323 (Elected)

Dickinson County

Chapman City Council
(Top 3 Elected)

Luann Sparks 116 
Dean Hansen 108
Travis Elliott 105
Tim Jury 140

Pottawatomie County

USD 323 St. George - Rock Creek Board of Education
Position 5

Mark Caffrey 134 (Elected)
Norbert Marek, Jr. 47

Clay County

Wakefield City Council Position 4

Paula Krueger 21
Joshua Thurlow 53 (Elected)
John Bowen Jr. 22

USD 379 Board of Education Position 1 (2 years)

James Byers 564 (Elected)
John Reardon 191


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