Fall Apple Days Set for October 5th at Fort Riley

The annual Fall Apple Day festival at Fort Riley is October 5th, on the Artillery Parade Field at Fort Riley.

This year the Historical and Archaeological Society of Fort Riley is planning to make 2,100 appleHASFR APPLE PIE pies. Which will take 17,000 apples according to Monique Frawley, this years Apple Pie Queen. “We also got to purchase about 1,600 pounds of flour as well as sugar and 360 pounds of butter.”

The recipe used to make the apple pies is kept a secret because it was Libby Custer’s personal recipe.

Brenda Werner, HASFR President, explained the only way to know the recipe is to become the Apple Pie Queen. “Let it be known that no one knows the recipe except for the Pie Queen. She actually develops the recipe and puts it in such the large quantity of batches.” She went on to say that the volunteers never actually prepare an apple pie all the way to the complete finish. ” You’re only either working with the topping or the mixes or just cutting the apples.”

HASFR is currently taking pre orders for $11 dollars a pie until October 27th. On the day of the event pies will be on sale for $13 frozen or $14 pre baked. Those who are looking for just a slice on the day of the event can purchase a slice for $3.25.