Routine Traffic Stop in Junction City Leads to the Arrest of Suspect in an Arizona Homicide Case

A routine traffic stop for a seat belt violation led to the arrest of a man wanted in a homicide cold case in Arizona.

Junction City Police reported the arrest of Otis Clanton, 26, Junction City, on suspicion of being

Otis Clanton, Fugitive from Justice, Arrested 10/9/2013

Otis Clanton

a fugitive from justice. He is wanted on a homicide warrant from Maricopa County, Arizona.

Tim Brown, Police Chief, told that an Officer stopped Clanton in the 1100 Block of West 14th Street Wednesday afternoon for not wearing a seat belt. “During the stop we always run their name through the N.C.I.C., which is the national database for wanted individuals, and it turned out this individual was wanted in connection with a homicide that occurred in Maricopa County, Arizona in 2008 involving an individual that was shot.”

Brown went on to say that the arrest just shows that the system does work,” The fact that we were able to get somebody for murder when we weren’t even looking for him for something like that is incredible.”

Brown confirmed the fugitive from justice case involving Clanton will go before the Geary County District Court. Authorities from Maricopa County will have to file for a Governor’s warrant in Arizona, and have it delivered to Geary County to have Clanton extradited back to Arizona.

  • 2013… what happened

    WAY TO GO Junction City Police Department!! Another bad guy off the street!!

    • Daniel

      Dammmm wtf….Ive known O for a while now and hes a good friend of mines. I cant even begin to believe this shit. I know you gonna get throgh this..keep ya head up fam….Free My Nigga O!!!

  • Big_D

    That’s the problem with America and society in general everyone is guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around. He could be innocent and Tim Brown is already saying he got a murderer off the street.

  • Big Kuntry

    Free Otis , he is a good friend of mine I trust him with my kids this charge is some bullshit

  • Big Kuntry

    And tim browns step daughter murdered her baby and threw it off a bridge in the river … What yall think about that

  • bro

    Bro keep ya head up …i luv ya bro dey you know ya bro gone be dere when u need him………

  • Anny Omous

    The sad part is that half you morons cant read…it says “SUSPECT” meaning they believe he may have a connection to a case, not that he committed murder. Junction City is corrupt, hence why I don’t live there anymore. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty and I know he didn’t do it. Educate yourself.—–FREE OTIS!

  • Anonymous

    Praise God! He did kill Sean. Justice will finally be served! I can’t wait for his behind to get what he deserves! I will be front and center when his butt is thrown in jail!

  • Anonymous

    God don’t like ugly. He couldn’t run from what he did! ALL SMILES!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t drop the soap! Heehee!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t drop the soap pretty boy! Heehee!

  • Jea

    FREE OTIS!!! No God don’t like ugly so let’s watch that mouth

  • Jea

    Otis Clanton is a cold blooded murder! He should be put UNDER THE DAMN JAIL!

  • B16

    Otis your going to become some mans b!tch … HAVE FUN IN JAIL!!!

  • Sean

    Finally I can let sean rest. Otis is going to pay.

  • Felicia

    If he did shoot a man than Karma finally caught up with him, also all of you saying free him wasn’t there when it happened. What if Sean was Ur family???? U never really know a person. If he’s innocent then that will come out, so let’s not jump the gun and play jury. I pray for god to be with him and the victims family.

  • angel

    God is with Otis and we are praying every single day and I DO KNOW he is innocent. God knows his soul.