Multiple Drug Related Arrests Were Made Last Week in Dickinson County

According to a Press Release from the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department eight arrest warrants were executed on Tuesday, November 12th, in Abilene and Solomon.

The arrest warrants were issued from the result of a month long investigation by the Drug dickinson county soEnforcement Unit and Abilene Police Department regarding the distribution of methamphetamine and prescription drugs.

During the month of October controlled purchase of methamphetamine and prescription pills were conducted from 8 people in Abilene and Solomon. A total of 18.2 grams gross of Methamphetamine; 100 Methadone; 20 Adderall; 6 Loratabs; 9 Somas; and 20 Oxytocin were purchased. The total estimated street value of the methamphetamine and controlled substances is over $7,000 dollars.

Arrested as a result of the controlled buys in Abilene were, James Atkinson, Jeremy Brown, David Vilcot, Heather Walls, Cynthia Rittger and Timothy Hosie. It was noted that Rittger’s 4 year old child was in the home during two of the drug sales. Four of the controlled purchases were within 1,000′ of a school in Abilene.

Those arrested in Solomon were Sean Carolan, Rellena Crowe and Benjamin Faulkner.

All the persons arrested were incarcerated in the Dickinson County Jail. More arrests as a result of this investigation is expected.

  • Bella

    Loratabs are actually Lortabs. Oxytocin is a natural hormone that stimulates labor. Think that wasssupposed to read Oxycontin.