Upgrading Courthouse Security Priority for Geary County Officials

The effort to upgrade the security at the Geary County Courthouse in the wake of new conceal carry legislation in Kansas is a priority for Geary County officials. geary county

But it is still a work in progress, says County Commission chairman Ben Bennett. “We’re looking at doing the security at the courthouse. We are working toward making that a reality, but we really haven’t okayed everything at the county commission level yet, which we’re waiting to do to make sure we’ve got all the things done.”

Bennett added officials are also looking at options for other buildings where they may want to improve the security, but perhaps not as far as the courthouse. Those facilities include the Pennell Building and the Geary County Office Building.

Bennett is hopeful decisions will be made next week.

  • Jayhawk

    It’s not the concealed carry holders they need to be worried about. It’s the ‘other’ gun toting people.